Sara and Steven’s wedding was on October 20th, 2018. We would love to stand out this wedding which brought together a lot of traditions and diversity, having a muslim cultural background on Bride´s side taught from one generation to another, not to mention all details involved and classy elegant choices.

The wedding attire was something to talk about, it was the remarkable neckless on top the wedding dress or best called Saree on fine ivory silk embroidered with pearls and fine details, part of the gown is a light white veil covering the Bride´s long hair and in her forehead hanging a Bindi, in history records known for being the third eye, metaphoric window which through out it, knowledge and wisdom pass and grows in the human body. Henna on left palm of hand and deep make up on eyes brighten up the beauty of her skin tone.

They decided on one of the most important venues among the couples getting married in Cabo San Lucas, Sunset Monalisa, the place stands out for its stunning view to the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, the most representative iconic of this amazing shore city, everyone who steps on this terraced venue have the feeling of being on top of an island, all surrounded by the immediate Sea of Cortes but also the sight gets to contemplate a Pacific Ocean opening widely on the overview. It is just one of a kind spectacle!

Due the multilayered layoutof the venue, there is no traditional aisle but multiple terraces down to the ceremony area. The Processional starts to walk down, while all guests are standing up and we witnessed one of the most legendary rituals on the Asian Ceremonies, finally the Bride is making her grand entrance under a light white veil, covering the bride´s silhouette from four people around her, her family men that represents the pillars of the family. This special escort symbolize the willing of Bride´s family welcoming a new member to form a new one. All bridal party along the way, two boys as Ring Bearers and Flower Girls are just the kindest moment of the picture.

It was just before the sunset when the minister Marco Arechiga was pronouncing Sara and Steven as Husband and Wife, all guests took out their cameras to get their own shot of the newlyweds, happy walking back the aisle while “The Verve” on Bitter Sweet Symphony was already being played by a splendid violinist. 

You may kiss your Bride, is the phrase of a new beginning for the happy couple, ready to start a new chapter on their lives, with the Husband & Wife announcement they recall a love story behind that moment and look forward to great new experiences ahead.

Then it’s cocktail time on the rest of the terraces where you may find simple elements mixed with vibrant colors, meaningful elements as little rocks on top of the escort cards, symbolizing solid basis and foundations in the family such as traditions, culture and religion. New generations embracing the love, roots and values from the grand parents.

Finally everyone gathered around a signature cocktail giving great impressions of this memorable time, and a Guitar Duo was chosen specially for this hour, one more detail to resemble latin-spanish vibes into the acoustic sounds.

In delicate pale rose Sarees, fill with magic sparkles taking us back to Asian culture, around ladies, bridesmaids, flower girls but in special glow the stunning Bride, special light raises from her smile and moves along the dance floor. Seeing all together it was just a delight for the eye for all their guests.

Contrasting colors in florals, costumes, full-eyed textures, part of the diversity charm in this wedding, old portraits giving us the first greeting as we came in the reception, a quick story-telling of the family history, because it is time for our beloved family members that are absent to come back to being with us.

All guest give special attention to the lovely group of young girls in long light skirts patterned on bright pink blossoms on them. Fresh bouquets of white and pink roses match their gowns, a traditional bindi hanging from their foreheads, delicate and classy jewelry for all flower girls.

Grand Panorama Terrace welcomed every one to have dinner , not before giving time for best wishes and family speeches, some tears and a bit of nostalgic… the funny parts were all credited on best man’s charm.

It really caught the eye all the traditional gowns in women, such in deep reds, gold embroidery, best known as Hijab. Not only we could see muslim culture in the traditional costumes but also during the party from the youngest and more , we could feel the joy of the special group dancings.

It is well know that México has fame for long-lasting parties, so on every great party needs a good closure, there is no better option than Mariachi to make them feel joy and very alive, a set of strings, trumpets and strong voices, full of spirit, light up again all people in the room.

Then last but not least, our couple decided to send two lanterns to the sky with the best wishes and thanking all the blessings received then after go to have some of their beautiful handy themed decored wedding cake, three layered cake vanilla- chocolate biscuit and white frosting on top, cutting it while both Bride & Groom were holding the knife, this represents an action of abundance, prosperity and good luck on their marriage.

Few moments lived in another country, far from home but welcomed as the very same warm core.

Home is where family is, some say, a Destination Wedding is true proof of powerful ties of friendship and love. People that will stand by you in the goods and the unexpected moments, people for life.

Memories that will last for ever, and above all, we will always love and remember the way he looked at her and the way she smiled back at him from this day on.

¡Congratulations once more to Mrs. & Mr. Van Arsdale!

©️ Cabo In Love Weddings, 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Wedding Planner: Paola Camacho/ Cabo In Love Weddings

Wedding Venue: Sunset Monalisa

Officiant: Reverend Marco Arechiga

Hotel: Pueblo Bonito Sunset

Hair and Make-up:
Alma Vallejo

Photographer: Carlos Plazola

Ceremony Sound/Music:
Violinist Wioletta Poletek

Cocktail Music: Guitar Duo / Hector Ojeda

Dinner Music: AV System / Mariachi Band

Reception Music: DJ Music

Flowers: Floral Dreams / Veronica Romo

Rentals: Cabo Wedding Rentals

Content Editor: Ximena Rosales

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