The Team

Paola Camacho

CEO & Founder

Born and raised in Mexico City, Paola moved to Los Cabos in 2002 upon completing her college degree in Tourism. She worked at the National Tourism office in Los Cabos and later spent a decade in guest services, providing her with the opportunity to create unforgettable experiences.
Paola has been making couples’ dreams come true since 2014. What sets her apart is her genuine dedication to her clients. She firmly believes that every couple deserves to feel heard, understood, and valued throughout the planning process. When it comes to wedding styles, Paola has a keen eye for creating light, airy, and breezy atmospheres. One of Paola’s greatest strengths is her ability to build strong connections with her couples. She understands that trust and open communication are essential for a successful partnership.

Paola and her dynamic team go beyond designing beautiful weddings! They meticulously craft incredible experiences from beginning to end for both couples and their guests.

What truly captivates her about wedding planning is its ability to unite entire families. It serves as a beautiful pretext for reconnecting with your loved ones, making every celebration a heartfelt and memorable experience.
Paola’s passion extends beyond a profession; weddings are not just what she does—they are her true calling!

David Montiel

Wedding Planner

Introducing David Montiel, a seasoned professional with 23 years of invaluable experience in the vibrant tourism industry. Born and raised in Mexico city, David brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. His journey has been deeply rooted in the dynamics of the hospitality sector, having worked extensively in hotels and destination management companies.

David's career trajectory includes a decade-long immersion in the realm of Food and Beverage where he not only honed his skills but also developed a profound understanding of the intricate world of weddings. This unique blend of experience positions David as a true maestro in orchestrating unforgettable and seamless events.

As a key member of Cabo in Love, David continues to weave his expertise into the fabric of unforgettable destination weddings, making dreams come true for our cherished couples.

Paola Buendia

Wedding Planner

Meet Pao Buendia, originally from Mexico City. Beyond her professional pursuits, she is a proud mother of two incredible kids aged 12 and 5, and celebrating 15 years of marriage. Her journey into the world of weddings began as a destination bride, and it's where the love for creating magical moments truly took root.

With a rich background of 14 years in the service industry, Pao’s professional journey initially revolved around corporate groups. However, she found her true calling in the romance industry, where orchestrating magical moments became a heartfelt passion. Thrilled of being part of Cabo in Love, where her enthusiasm for crafting love stories and creating unforgettable experiences.
Here's to bringing the enchantment of love to life!

Candela Fernandez

Wedding Planner

Get to know Candela Fernandez, a dedicated event planner with a heart that beats for weddings. Originally from Argentina, she found her way to the enchanting shores of Cabo San Lucas in 2019. Armed with a degree in event planning, she discovered that orchestrating weddings is where her true calling lies.

Candela’s journey in the world of events has been fueled by creativity, attention to detail, and a deep love for turning dreams into reality. Whether it's crafting the perfect ambiance, coordinating seamless logistics, or ensuring every moment is filled with love and joy, I am committed to making every wedding a magical experience.

Join me on this exciting adventure of bringing love stories to life against the backdrop of the stunning landscapes of Cabo. Let's create memories that last a lifetime, one extraordinary wedding at a time!

Natalia Mata

Wedding Planner

Born in the heart of Mexico City, Natalia Mata, whose journey is a delightful fusion of passion, expertise, and a keen understanding of creating extraordinary experiences. Natalia's academic journey led her to graduate in gastronomy, reflecting her profound love for food and its nuances.
With a remarkable 14-year tenure as a district manager at Starbucks, Natalia developed essential skills in customer service, human resources, and the art of connecting with people. Her experience in a global brand renowned for its commitment to excellence has equipped her with a unique perspective on delivering exceptional service and building meaningful connections.

Her role extends beyond traditional wedding planning; driven by a desire to assist others in unlocking their full potential. Through the creation of exceptional moments, she brings to life the dreams and aspirations of couples seeking a magical wedding experience. Each wedding is a true reflection of love, joy, and personalized perfection.

Ceima Morales

Wedding Planner

Meet Ceima, a wedding enthusiast originally from Monterrey, Mexico. She takes immense pride in being the mother of a wonderful girl. Her journey in the world of weddings began as a flower designer. However, by collaborating with fellow wedding planners, she discovered that her true calling extends beyond arranging flowers to directly working with couples. Witnessing the wedding day, when the couple's dreams come to life, is her favorite part.

Her fascination with design and the pursuit of making everything both functional and aesthetically pleasing led her to study architecture. This background allows her to bring a unique perspective to the world of wedding planning. Since 2014, Ceima has been living and thriving in this beautiful paradise.

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